The Purpose of Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs need as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation. When your dog is mentally stimulated, he is more settled, less restless, less hyperactive and less attention seeking. The more your dog is mentally stimulated, the less physical stimulation he will need. The answer may just be interactive dog toys.

Let’s explore a few reasons why interactive dog toys may be necessary for your furry friend.

• Prevent and/or Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem in dogs especially if your dog becomes too dependent on you. Interactive dog toys can help reduce anxiety by keeping the mind occupied.

• Dogs Enjoy Sounds

Some dogs feel and behave better if they are surrounded by sound, especially familiar sounds. There are talking dog toys you can record your voice into which are motion activated.

• Keeps Destructive Dogs Under Control

Interactive toys may relieve the issue of your dog being destructive such as chewing on furniture, destroying clothes and shoes, etc...

One suggestion for the dog who likes to rip up and destroy many of the toys your buy him are puzzle toys. You may also want to consider food dispensing toys. Basically, the toy is filled with food or treats and your dog has to figure out how to get to it. This could keep him entertained for hours. In fact, you can use these toys instead of dog food bowls!

With the use of interactive dog toys, you can say goodbye to boredom, bad behavior, destroyed furniture and maybe even constant barking!

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