Furicane of the Week

Eight short years ago, eight-week-old Louie left the New Skete Monasteries Kennels in Upstate New York and moved to his forever home with his family in Maine. He immediately fell in love with his mommy, daddy, and big sister, Sadie, a 2-year-old Labradoodle. Sadie took Louie under her wing and taught him things like jumping on people and barking when someone comes to the door.


Young Louie started training with a wonderful local trainer and he learned basic obedience commands and became a well-behaved little gentleman. Even Sadie started training, but let’s just say that she didn’t earn the nickname Hyperdoodle for nothing! In addition to his local training, Louie traveled back to New York for a two-week training program with the Monks and went on to pass the Canine Good Citizen test sponsored by the American Kennel Club. He is such a loyal and affectionate boy, and everyone loves Louie!


Louie spent the first two years of his life living year-round on the rocky coast of Maine. He loves going for hikes in Acadia National Park and in his neighborhood. The best part of his day is going for a walk or going for a ride in the car. Of course, the majority of his days are spent playing with Sadie. You can often find them sitting in front of the upstairs window guarding the house.                


Six years ago, Louie’s family became snowbirds and moved to Florida for half of the year. Louie still goes for lots of walks, but on the old golf-course or around the neighborhood. Instead of sitting on the deck over-looking the 

Meet Louie

ocean with Mt. Desert in the background, he sits poolside. He also gets two multi-day car rides from Maine to Florida and back every year. It’s not a bad life, but he much prefers Maine. Because of the pandemic, Louie’s family stayed in Maine until the end of February, and he was more than okay with that because he loves winter weather. You will often find Louie just sitting in the snow or eating it.


Louie’s family is heartbroken because he was recently diagnosed with a Hemangiosarcoma. This type of cancer is aggressive, and his prognosis is not good with or without radiation or chemotherapy. Louie feels well at this time. He loves just being with his family and Sadie. They still guard the Florida house while sitting in the foyer looking out the glass-paned door. He loves his walks, liver snaps, and chicken. Louie’s family will not let him suffer and they will make sure that he is comfortable and well cared for. They will know when it is time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge and he always knows how much he is loved.