Our Story

Furicanes is an e-commerce pet supplies store catering to cats and dogs. The entrepreneurs just happen to be our human parents, Momma Kristé and Daddy Jeff. We adopted our parents in the spring of 2019. Really, it was love at first sight. Let us introduce ourselves. We are all siblings; Lexapro (Lexi), (That’s me, the sister!) and my two brothers, Trazadone (Traz) and Paxil (Pax).


Momma and Daddy owned many pets during in their pasts; dogs, cats, turtles, bunnies, mice, chinchillas, hamsters, and even fish (Mmm delicious!). The truth is, after their human children grew up and went out on their own they did not own pets for ten years! They talked many times about adopting one or two cats. Starting in 2017 our parents started buying cat toys, food dishes, grooming supplies, cat trees and even food. Problem was, they still did not have fur-babies. And then, they made a visit to the SPCA and there they found a secret back room housing three kittens and their mother… that was us! And, as we mentioned earlier, it was love at first sight.


Our parents spoil us. We have so much stuff! We eat only the best food. And, we get to cuddle, hug, play, and run all over the house. And, because of us, our parents have become advocates for all animals. Sometimes when a TV commercial comes on showing a wounded or neglected animal Momma and Daddy’s eyes get wet. This is why each month an organization protecting cats and dogs receives one-dollar from each item sold here at Furicanes.


We really enjoy meeting the pet of the week. Momma lets us sit on her computer and read all about our fellow furicanes. By the way sometimes we are a bit like a “hurricane” sweeping through our cozy little home. We think that’s why our momma and daddy humans named this dog and cat pet store, Furicanes.


We hope you enjoy shopping with us for your cat and dog supplies. And please reach out to us anytime with questions, comments and to share your pet stories.